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What are we about?

Taking care of your people when they are your business:

Employers underestimate one key thing they can do for their staff that they can’t do for themselves.

Taking care of Plan B when life’s tough events hit us and our pockets:

While Plan A involves our dreams, hopes and aspirations, Plan B provides the buffer when a rung on the ladder busts.

Taking care of our stuff when life or relationships finish:

Who gets our stuff in life or death matters, whether we want it to or not!

Meet Jane Eschenbach – your financial adviser

Like many of her clients, Jane knows that running a small business, a big business or a team – combined with family, home and community commitments – means lots of balls being juggled at any given time. We rely heavily on our health, our finances and perhaps our staff to keep these Plan A balls in the air. And sometimes a ball drops. Perhaps it’s just for a time. And we can pick it up again. But meantime, it’s disrupted the flow.

That disruption might be our health, our partner’s or a staff member’s and it can quickly impact on our personal or business finances. In 25 years, Jane has seen – and personally experienced - an investment in Plan B making an immense difference.