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Taking care of Plan B when life’s tough events hit us and our pockets

Business Insurance

None of us like to see the courage to be self-employed and the  hard work to build a business destroyed if and when life’s tough events hit; especially when they can be insured against. The impact on us and our families is rugged enough without money being a massive issue too. While the terminology might seem daunting, the conversation doesn’t need to be.

Keyperson Cover, Shareholder Purchasing, Buy/Sell Agreements, Business Insurance Trusts – these are matters for discussion and consideration. Whether a one-person-band or one part of multi-ownership, a chat about the risks and options to protect against these as Plan B can make a world of difference.

Personal Insurance

Whether we’re self-employed or a valued employee there are generally loved ones or financial commitments that depend on us to generate an income. Weighing up the risk factors can be difficult without a bit – or sometimes a lot - of help, so a chat about those dependents and commitments can determine how much of Plan B needs to include insurance. The options are often broad and potentially confusing but helping to refine those options means you can get on with living well and working well. I can advise on Life, Health, Mortgage and Income Protection, Trauma Cover and Total & Permanent Disablement.

We’ve seen the difference Plan B can make to families and businesses.

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