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Meet Jane Eschenbach – your financial adviser

With a prior history in HR/recruitment, Jane’s 25 years in financial services have involved consulting to most of the banks and other organisations on employee benefits, advising businesses and individuals on their personal risks, covering Wellington in representative roles, setting up a nationwide channel in rural personal insurance and pulling together online estate planning training material for advisers. 

Jane Eschenbach is your Financial Adviser and she is providing the advice on behalf of Assura Group Limited who is the Financial Advice Provider Licence holder FSP 720291.

NZ Certificate in Financial Services Level 5, Life, Health & Disability.

Professional Memberships:
Financial Advice New Zealand (and Wellington Regional Co-ordinator from 2019-2021)

Jane's Experience

I have been providing financial advice since 1996. Preceding this I had eight years with a recruitment & HR company and then moved into providing employee benefit advice, primarily to large nationwide corporates including most of the main banks. This involved running a procurement process and revising and redeveloping subsidised health insurance offerings when banks merged. It’s immensely satisfying to see the difference it makes when caring employers can offer their hard-working and committed staff benefits that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

From consulting on large-scale subsidised health insurance and working closely with the health and education sectors, I segued into also providing individual risk insurance advice alongside my husband and business colleague, Peter Eschenbach. Assura’s core client base was – and continues to be - people who were doing what we were doing - setting up and running companies or running a team while juggling family responsibilities. We really understand what it means to put everything on the line both money-wise and time-wise!

When the Financial Advisers Act came into force I was asked to help a nationwide insurance provider (FMG) develop its personal insurance (life & health) channel. This was an immensely rewarding 4-5 year project; with the foundation laid enabling exponential and ongoing growth. In the interest of full disclosure, Peter continues in a role with FMG as National Sales Manager and at times I’ve consulted to them.

This role also led to an intensive development of training modules for new and emerging advisers to ensure consistency of advice nationwide.

With a need to reduce my traveling commitments and be more available for our four sons, I decided to develop online training modules that could be used by the financial services sector and others. The area of greatest need was estate planning, so I’ve spent the past three years developing a programme of bite-sized modules to help advisers have better conversations with clients around this critical area (fundamentals of estate planning, relationship property, Wills, EPAs, trusts, conversations, scenarios and extra learning). It is of great satisfaction to have a national training distributor committed to these TeachUs modules, which will be released to the market in 2021.

My own increased awareness has led to much more in-depth conversations with clients as well as family, friends and just about anyone else I encounter. It’s phenomenal how many questions people have in this space but seem to feel intimidated by the cost and complexities of approaching lawyers. My intention is to help clients gain confidence around the questions to ask and to get a sense of urgency around taking action!

Jane’s involvement and experience in other areas:

Assura Honey

Jane and her husband Peter have four sons who started selling their own honey in 2019. Jane oversees the management and compliance side of things while the boys and their dad look after the hives. They are all involved in distribution and sales.

Assura Stay

Jane also has a self-contained apartment available through Airbnb [AssuraStay]. Given the immense number of activities in Wairarapa this is a popular and fresh place to stay.

What does this all mean for you as a client or potential client?

I have a broad range of experience and particularly understand both the demands of setting up and running your own business, whilst also having first-hand in senior corporate roles. In both situations I’ve taken very seriously the responsibility of providing others with employment, business or financial security through building up solid business practices and/or developing excellent Plan B cover through insurance. Risks are always easier to take when there’s a safety net nearby.

For a chat with someone who’s covered a lot of ground and gets the motivation of the highly-committed, feel free to call me on 0274-579-480.

We can partner with you to help you succeed

We’ve worked with businesses and families like yours for years.
We’ve seen them grow, hit significant bumps (smoothed by Plan B),
evolve and occasionally hand-over to the next generation.

For a chat about Plan B for your staff, call me on 0274-579-480.

For a chat about Plan B for your business and family, call me on 0274-579-480

For a chat about some basic estate planning principles, call me on 0274-579-480

Duties information

I am bound by the duties of the Financial Markets Conduct Act to:

  1. Meet the standards of competence, knowledge and skill set out in the Code of Conduct
  2. Give priority to the clients’ interest
  3. Exercise care, diligence and skill
  4. Meet the standards of ethical behaviour, conduct and client care set out in the Code of Conduct.