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Taking care of our stuff when life or relationships finish

Right upfront I’m not an estate planning expert and would always refer you to those who are. However the past few years have seen me involved in developing online estate planning modules so advisers can have better conversations with clients. This means I’ll go more in-depth in this area as it’s so often overlooked. Sometimes minor and inexpensive changes can make a huge difference if life or relationships finish earlier than expected. An estate planning chat will cover aspects of asset ownership, relationship property, Wills, EPAs, Trusts, contracting-out agreements and shareholder agreements. This is an area where ignorance is not bliss and a bit of awareness can save an immense level of regret down the track (either for you or those left behind).

I’m a sole operator who works in collaboration with other experts; not just in financial advice, but also with accountants, lawyers and trust experts.

Typically our clients find estate planning considerations are best wrapped around the business and personal insurance conversations.

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